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Some Art

Posted by mynamewontfitin - June 8th, 2008

Haven't posted anything in a while so here's a time lapse video I made of myself doing a painting.

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Comments (21)

Cool. How long did that take?

around 45 minutes

I love the 3d digital graffiti shit...but it could've been bigger and better quality on camera =P

Yeah I need a camera. I used my school's laptop's built-in iSight camera for this haha.

nice job, stylish and original. I like it a lot :)


That was a cool wall to begin with, now it's like megacool.

haha, thank you.

now thats tight.
What was the other dude doing when he started working?

He helped me hold up some stencils to get really fine details in the middle.

Did you have a permit to paint that there? NIce painting by the way. Why did the camera start shaking at the end?

permit? no. It's a wall that's already covered in graffiti art. The camera was shaking because my friend picked it up when i finished.

nice, but may I ask you, how is it spray panting? It seems like the lines you'd make would become blurry, due to the fact its sprayed on,,

just takes practice i guess. Also, you don't use the standard caps that come on the cans; there are other ones made for specific purposes.

more like mynamefitsjustfine

oh pleeeeeease

Haha awesome. So was that paint or spray paint? It looked like you were using a can of paint for the white?
Also that music reminds me of Beat Street, which is an awesome movie

hah no just spray paint. thanks.
the song is Pump Me Up by Trouble Funk off the Style Wars documentary soundtrack.

Looks awesome, makes me wish I had random walls in the woods to paint on.

Awesome art, awesome song.

Hah, nice one there MyNameFitsJustFine

Ironic I guess. I saw style wars, and then beat street later, and it reminds me of beat street, which was based on style wars

Happy birthday Dannnnn

Will your name ever fit in ?
Hawt video, saw it a while ago.

Very cool


Wicked man. Bet that was fun.

I've always wanted to get some spray cans and do graffiti, but i've never seen any for sale anywhere - or had the push to go find them.

It was you who told me about wheat-pasting right?

I had fun doing that, I wouldn't mind doing that on a bigger scale. Like actually printing my own pictures and sticking them up.


That's tight.

wow, I like there type of a drawings, looks crazy :)

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