Entry #4

Some Art

2008-06-08 11:43:49 by mynamewontfitin

Haven't posted anything in a while so here's a time lapse video I made of myself doing a painting.

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2008-06-08 11:50:43

Cool. How long did that take?

mynamewontfitin responds:

around 45 minutes


2008-06-08 12:23:30

I love the 3d digital graffiti shit...but it could've been bigger and better quality on camera =P

mynamewontfitin responds:

Yeah I need a camera. I used my school's laptop's built-in iSight camera for this haha.


2008-06-08 12:26:40

nice job, stylish and original. I like it a lot :)

mynamewontfitin responds:



2008-06-08 14:38:33

That was a cool wall to begin with, now it's like megacool.

mynamewontfitin responds:

haha, thank you.


2008-06-08 21:42:38

now thats tight.
What was the other dude doing when he started working?

mynamewontfitin responds:

He helped me hold up some stencils to get really fine details in the middle.


2008-06-08 22:49:37

you're awesome :)

mynamewontfitin responds:

:) you're awesome!


2008-06-09 03:06:45

Did you have a permit to paint that there? NIce painting by the way. Why did the camera start shaking at the end?

mynamewontfitin responds:

permit? no. It's a wall that's already covered in graffiti art. The camera was shaking because my friend picked it up when i finished.


2008-06-14 23:38:10

nice, but may I ask you, how is it spray panting? It seems like the lines you'd make would become blurry, due to the fact its sprayed on,,

mynamewontfitin responds:

just takes practice i guess. Also, you don't use the standard caps that come on the cans; there are other ones made for specific purposes.


2008-06-19 23:54:38

more like mynamefitsjustfine

mynamewontfitin responds:

oh pleeeeeease


2008-06-27 22:35:38

Haha awesome. So was that paint or spray paint? It looked like you were using a can of paint for the white?
Also that music reminds me of Beat Street, which is an awesome movie

mynamewontfitin responds:

hah no just spray paint. thanks.
the song is Pump Me Up by Trouble Funk off the Style Wars documentary soundtrack.


2008-07-09 01:24:00

Looks awesome, makes me wish I had random walls in the woods to paint on.


2008-07-09 01:51:08

Awesome art, awesome song.


2008-08-12 02:40:29

Hah, nice one there MyNameFitsJustFine


2008-09-21 19:13:14

Ironic I guess. I saw style wars, and then beat street later, and it reminds me of beat street, which was based on style wars


2008-09-28 00:12:09

Happy birthday Dannnnn


2008-09-28 10:13:30

Will your name ever fit in ?
Hawt video, saw it a while ago.


2008-10-01 23:10:07

Very cool


2008-10-26 15:03:44



2008-12-01 20:35:24

Wicked man. Bet that was fun.

I've always wanted to get some spray cans and do graffiti, but i've never seen any for sale anywhere - or had the push to go find them.

It was you who told me about wheat-pasting right?

I had fun doing that, I wouldn't mind doing that on a bigger scale. Like actually printing my own pictures and sticking them up.



2009-05-29 23:53:43

That's tight.


2011-03-27 04:34:16

wow, I like there type of a drawings, looks crazy :)


2011-03-27 05:57:53

some pictures with this kind of a drawing in the old topic named GRAFFITI AND TAGGS. Did youdraw them all or copy and print ?