HDR Photography

2008-01-29 22:00:57 by mynamewontfitin

I just learned how to make HDR photographs and I went to the Palisades on the Hudson river with some friends to get some nice shots. <3 New Jersey

HDR Photography


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2008-02-04 00:27:22

Nice man!

Uh...plz teach how. i <3 HDR


2008-03-06 05:42:13

my friend lives in new jersey


2008-03-08 16:52:25

That looks awesome. I had a program that allowed me to make HDR photos from a series of photos of the same thing, but my camera is crap and I don't have a tripod so they didn't really work out.

What is it you use/how do you take them?

mynamewontfitin responds:

I used a cannon rebel xti on a tripod. The camera is good for this because you can set it to automatically take all three exposures in a row by holding down the shutter. I used photoshop for this one but there's a program called Photomatix that merges them a little better in my opinion. That's what I use for my most of my HDR photos now.


2008-03-18 23:28:50

oooh nice man, love the HDR.

mynamewontfitin responds:

Thank you!


2008-03-25 22:17:16

Wow,thats awesome!


2008-04-08 22:33:07

nice name

mynamewontfitin responds:

same to you


2008-04-20 13:09:05

Thats something you would see in a postcard. That looks great.


2008-05-17 23:34:37

Oo, oo! I live in New Jersey! This is a really cool picture.


2008-05-31 20:37:42

Hey what's up lately? Also, check out my new post!